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Piggy Banks - The Perfect Gift for Kids!

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Does this look familiar?? Most of us, moms, dads, uncle and aunts have researched about gift ideas for kids online, to find a special gift for the little ones we know and love so much. And why not, for someone as special as them, the gift needs to be something unique, one of a kind..

When we thought of launching a Play Collection at Urban Dhaage, our goal was to help all those gift givers. At Urban Dhaage, we pay a lot of attention and focus in picking the best in class, hand made, all natural toys and piggy banks for kids. Each and every piece of our Play collection is handmade to perfection. And we can very proudly say that they are all “made in India”, supporting the local artisans in keeping their art alive.

We all recollect our childhood with a unique fondness. The nostalgic memories make us happy. And when we think about all the toys and games we used to play.. We can’t help but think of the numerous Piggy Banks, we have each owned as a kid.  The piggy bank is one thing most of us possessed in our childhood and cherished saving money in. We would spend hour playing with the figurines made of clay, inventing new pretend games everyday and listen to clinking sound of the coins. As we grew a bit older, we started saving our Piggy Bank funds for that special thing that we always wanted .Our parents encouraged us by rewarding us every now and then with some money for doing something nice or just helping with household chores.

Piggy Banks - Best Gift for Kids

For all those reasons, Piggy Banks is still one of my favorite gifts for kids, to teach them the importance of saving money and encourage pretend play. At Urban Dhaage, we offer a wide selection of these piggy banks starting from our adorable collection of animals .. fish, elephants and pigs , to the beautiful and carefully handcrafted pieces of transportation, the Boat , ship and our latest addition of an Indian Truck and Yellow Taxi. All our Piggy banks are made of leather and are hand painted using vegetable tanned dyes, they are super safe and very durable for tiny hands. Not just this, they are a great piece of decor to brighten up any living room and an awesome conversation starter.

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