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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year….. And we all are super excited to celebrate this season of joy and happiness with our loved ones..

As we get ready  to bring the right sized Christmas tree for our living rooms, hang the shiny ornaments and imagine all the wonderful memories we are going to make.. We can’t help but think of that PERFECT gift we want for our loved ones.

Christmas gifting comes with a great excitement around thinking what to gift, who to gift and how much to spend. But sometimes this can become a stressful process especially if you want to standout and are thinking of unique thoughtful gifting ideas.

Don’t worry we got you covered this season.. Urban Dhaage brings to you our unique one of a kind gift collection for kids.

Be the gift giver that everyone loves by picking from our unique collection of handcrafted handpicked gifts for Kids. You can choose from our wide collection of soft plush toys, beautiful Piggy Banks made from vegan leather or kids room decor. These all natural toys are environment friendly and provides your kids with unique ways to think and play. Teach your kids the importance of money by gifting them our beautiful piggy banks.

Shop our holiday gift boxes especially created to celebrate the special moments this holiday season. These gift boxes includes one of signature plush toy or piggy bank , a beautiful Christmas tree ornament/ Santa Candy Box and a Christmas Card to include a personalized message from the gift giver. They come tastefully hand wrapped and ship for FREE….yes, it’s a Christmas miracle :)

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