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About Us

Urban Dhaage  is an exclusive online boutique store inspired by the people and world around us. We may live far away from home but we still share an eternal love and respect for our traditions. We endeavor to bring all that we love about India - the culture, diversity and colors- closer to our customers.
All of our pieces are carefully handpicked by us keeping in mind - style, comfort and affordability. By doing the searching and styling for you, we make your shopping experience truly exceptional and fun!

Our Vision
At Urban Dhaage we are committed to bring the best of India to our customers at right time and right price. In addition to strengthening the community of our customers, we take pride in helping the craftsmen and artisans by providing them with the opportunity to showcase their work around the world. We are so delighted to have partnered with small businesses and non profit organizations in India helping bring more work and opportunities to the artisan community. Please help us in keeping the great Indian craftsmanship alive.

Neha Aggarwal, Co-Founder

Using vibrant, handcrafted ethnic Indian products, and supporting local artisans has been a lifelong passion for me. After many years in the corporate world, I decided to pursue my passion and bring all that I love about India, closer to people around me. This led us to start Urban Dhaage. We handpick styles from thousands of options to get the best and most vibrant, colorful products to your doorstep.

Shilpa Dua, Co-Founder  - "Celebrating our culture everywhere everyday"

India is the place of colors, warmth and celebration. At Urban Dhaage, our mission is to bring that colorful spirit to you through the vibrancy and vitality of our products. We strive to bring a part of India closer to you through each and every product we sell.