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Joys of dressing up little ones in Indian Wear

Celebrating Diwali in India is one of the most cherished memories we have. As a member of the Indian diaspora now living in the US, those memories will always be special for me. Although they cannot be recreated in their entirety here in the US, we try to do as best as we can, despite the multiple demands on our time in our roles as career women, homemakers, and mothers. 

Diwali gives us a chance to decorate our houses, bring various types of diyas and make rangolis; but it also gives us a chance to dress ourselves and our kids in festive India wear. Oh, the joys of seeing my little munchkins dressed in vibrant, ethnic Indian wear! My niece looks forward to her lehenga choli and my son is delighted in his kurta pajama, but more than  that, it gives me a chance to rekindle the sweet memories through the kids.

Giving our children a chance to experience Diwali, by wearing clothes handcrafted and handmade in India, is a rare joy. Finding such clothes has been difficult in the US, as the designs are usually traditional and outdated. There are only a few shops that sell them, and the selection is limited. Also, most clothes available are factory-made, and the fabric is just not what I wore while growing up in India.

In the past, I would use my annual trips to India to shop for Indian clothes. It usually involved visiting numerous outlets before I could find clothes that were just right for my children. Doing all this traveling and shopping lehenga choli or kurta pajama in the heat was not just tiring, but it also meant that I could not spend as much quality time with my family, who I went to visit. Also, buying them once in 1-2 years, meant it was difficult to get the right size for the festivals that truly mattered, as kids grow fast and at an uneven pace. 

We realized there were many other moms who were facing the same predicament as we were, we came up with the idea of creating a place that makes it easy to get access to high-quality, trendy, ethnic wear, that brings us closer to our culture. Whether it is the beautiful lehenga cholis and kurta pajamas for the little ones, each item is designed to brighten up each and every kids face.


With shortening geographical boundaries, authentic clothes hand-made in India are now available in the US. At Urban Dhaage, we take great pride in bringing stylish Indian wear lehenga choli and kurta pajama all the way from India, right to your doorstep. We play the role of your stylist and hand-pick ethnic Indian wear that is trendy and in keeping with the times. We endeavor to give you a wide selection to choose from. Moreover, the convenience of ordering online at any time in the year, means moms can now get the right size at the right time, based on the occasion.

Through our partnership with various non-profit organizations, we are showcasing the work of talented Indian artisans in the US. We take pride in playing our small part in keeping alive the great Indian craftsmanship. 

Indian Wear for Boys and Girls From Urban Dhaage

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