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Spring is ALMOST here!

Finally, spring is coming and flowers will bloom. As Robin Williams said - Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘let’s party’. After months of being trapped indoors, our kids can finally step outdoors and play (and so can we!). As spring break season starts, we mommies start thinking about new colorful clothes to get for our young princesses.

At Urban Dhaage, we have launched the Spring Collection to help mommies in this endeavor with the convenience of having vibrant spring dresses for girls delivered to their doorstep. We are offering FREE SHIPPING nationwide!

Spring is a playful time – apart from outdoor activities, it also brings memories of Holi, the festival of colors. When growing up in India, it ushered in warmer weather, longer days and lots more sunshine. The twittering of birds, the sight of baby animals running around – ah, all the new activity would stoke our creativity. We would wear soft and casual cotton clothes, feel relaxed, play with our friends outdoors and plan for the upcoming summer break. Our kids now go through a similar feeling in the US, with their spring breaks coming up. As such, preparing and shopping for spring is the first step towards a rewarding summer.

At Urban Dhaage, we have tried to make shopping for spring dresses and summer dresses for girls easier by hand-picking a collection of affordable and stylish dresses made in India. These girls cotton dresses are made by local artisans and supports in keeping the local industry thriving. The Spring Collection focuses on Cotton dresses for girls and includes dresses for 1 to 7-year-old girls in vibrant and new colors. We have given special attention to select styles that are creative, while also being casual and easy on the eye. The spring/summer collection includes rompers, jumpsuits, tops, shorts, pom pom dresses, party dresses – everything that the young munchkins might want to wear over the season. 

We believe the spring dress Collection presents options that are perfect for spring. The cotton dresses for girls are easy on their soft skin and are also eco-friendly. The collection is affordable, and the free nationwide shipping makes it easy to access. The vibrant colors reflect the energy brought by the onset of Spring, while also being subtle and under-stated. In addition, the casual wear is great for summer as well.

Check out our Spring Collection here 

Spring Dresses and Rompers for Girls