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The Story of a Cotton Handbag

Hello! From the most happening city in the world… OMG, I can’t believe I am in NEW YORK…..Currently I live in west village neighborhood .. known for its quirky boutique shops, the celebrity sightings, the brownstones and the great eateries. Oh Boy.. the journey that I had.

Coming from a very modest background, I was handcrafted to perfection with lot of love and caution by a young mother of two. What she lacked in the understanding of the knitty gritty of sewing, she requited in her great attention to detail and passion to create a great cotton handbag. And when she was told that I was going to United States..she jumped with joy.. It is not everyday that one of her creation gets to explore the world…

Cotton Handbags and Totes

It was a long but a pleasant journey for me...from the hands of my humble creator to the western vitality of my new owner. It took me sometime to adjust...with the time change, long flight and don’t get me started on the weather. A very popular and safe topic for a casual chit chat with a person standing next to you in Starbucks to a 30 minute deep conversation on effects on climate change. New Yorkers just love to talk about the weather. In my less than 3 months time in the city, I have been through scorching sun, to heavy rains to what it seems like a pleasantly chilly mornings.. Thanks to my durable all natural cotton and waterproof built that I can easily transition through all these weather variation in a breeze. As a cotton handbag, my sustainability and environment friendliness makes me stand out in the crowd.

I have been to corporate offices, swanky brunches, yoga studio and a pre school. Quiet a mix isn't it. I have great capacity, to store a wine bottle, a picnic blanket and light snacks you might need for an afternoon picnic or make room for that quick evening trip to whole foods to buy the essentials mid week. My sturdy strap sits comfortably at the shoulder and I have zipper on the top to keep everything in place

I am this and way more, from a conversation starter, to most practical accessory in your wardrobe. My company will make your days more vibrant and colorful.

 All purpose cotton handbag tote

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Made with love,
Your Dear Cotton Handbag